Greenside FAQs

Greenside EDinburgh Fringe Printing
You'll find the answers here to the most common question we get asked each year.
Print Company: Can I use an unofficial print frm?

Whilst you are of course free to print with any firm, please be reminded that there is absolutely NO facility for your print to be delivered to Greenside Venues in Edinburgh if you use an unofficial printer. Do not send your print to Greenside if you have used use any other print company. Please arrange delivery to your accommodation.

I've used another print company: Can I still deliver to Greenside?

DO NOT send your print to Greenside if you have used use any other print company.
We are the ONLY print company permitted to deliver to Greenside. We have two designated delivery dates with Greenside when staff are on-hand for our deliveries only, ensuring your print is received, checked in and stored safely.

Artwork: Do you have FREE flyer and poster templates?

We have prepared a full set of Photoshop artwork templates (A3, A5, A6) for each venue, available to download here: GREENSIDE 2024 TEMPLATES.ZIP.

Delivery dates: when will my print arrive at Greenside?

We will deliver your goods to Greenside week commencing 29th July 2024. We will notify you when deliveries have been completed.

Distribution: Can you help?

We know just how important flyer distribution is for many fringe shows. We can't do it, but we know just the right people who can! Check out our exclusive distribution partners over at, who are extremely reliable, diligent and super friendly. Contact them and say we sent you! :)